(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

There are 3 integrations I’m looking at to provide a complete overview if you are able to provide any updates in addition to your current work to update the Tesco api to stop repeated log in:
HSBC to sync credit cards

Is there any news in relation to John Lewis Credit card


I want to add another vote for Triodos

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Is Sainsbury’s bank already on the list of pending integrations?

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Yes, it is. :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see it grow, but not Expend

I vote for Nest Pensions (it’s what my part-time job provider connects with paycircle to)


It would be really nice if the OP could be updated.

The cooperative bank seems to have stopped working with Emma, in suprised there was no announcement or info about this and quite disappointed.

We have sent an email and announced it across all our social media channels on Monday morning. :slight_smile:

I am happy to say we have released Tesco Open Banking, which doesn’t require constant authentication to refresh the data. :wink:


It’d be great if you could add support for:

  • Capital One
  • Coventry Building Society

If they support open banking, shouldn’t the integration be straight forward?


Just out of interest, what (and when) was the last connection Emma added to its app?

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are you sure this is correct as i’m still having to authorise with OTTP with tesco bank

can anyone with tesco bank confirm that they don’t have to wait the inexplicable long wait for each refresh like ive just experienced ?

If Emma is not prompting you to migrate, you can do it manually.

Just scroll to the bottom of the accounts list, click Add Account, and select Tesco Bank. Your phone should switch to the Tesco Bank app and allow you to select which accounts to sync with Emma, confirm and then Tesco will switch you back into Emma. Your accounts will then sync and the Open Banking connection should be working.

You might see duplicates under the accounts list. If you do, go to Bank Logins and click “close” under the Tesco Bank connection which says “Requires Action”. The other Tesco Bank connection in the list should show the time of the last sync and a “Get me back to 90 days” button. This is the Open Banking connection.

thanks for the reply i believe i got the open banking update for tesco bank earlier this week but still had a OTTP yesterday when refreshing the account hmm maybe i’m mistaken though and that was for something else.

i can’t recall how often between refreshes the OTTP appears for tesco so will see later in the week if it appears again. thanks for your reply much appreciated.

Happy to help!

You may want to check “Bank Logins”, to see if Tesco Bank is listed twice. You should only have to re-authenticate every 90 days with Open Banking, so if you are having to more frequently you are probably still using the old connection. You will be able to tell this under Bank Logins - it’s worth pressing the close button on the old connection.

i did as you said and all sorted now many thanks

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All of them, we have re-built all our connections without the need of TrueLayer for the past month. :slight_smile: