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Bankers, they are usually boring.



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@edoardomoreni I’m guessing this is a one-way street? Tandem has taken on TrueLayer as their account aggregator but TrueLayer hasn’t integrated with the Tandem Open Banking API?

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Any news on capital one being added again, it’s available on Yolt, but I don’t use yolt i use Emma :blush:


Trulayer state that they aim to have Tesco and Sainsbury’s Up and running in this quarter. If they deliver on time, when do Emma expect to have access to them?

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What API are you using for the crypto wallets? I have my ETH wallet linked but it only shows my ETH balance and not my ETH + tokens balance and 99% of my balance is tokens.

Bump. Anyone listening? (Re Tandem and Token)

This just means Tandem is using TrueLayer to connect to banks. :slight_smile:

Hey @cam, can you reach out to support via the More tab? We can check this out. :slight_smile:

according to original information on the emma forum regarding tesco it was supposed to be september 19
its now going to be more like january and probably far later than that so thats almost 6 months from the original date.

I do think Emma over promised and has underdelivered when it comes to intergrations.

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Their response will be that they can’t help the delay as it’s others who hold up the process (TrueLayer, Tesco etc).

Hey there @savenotspend1973

Great spot. While I will echo @grant.m, I would also add that we thought we’d get more achieved if we put our manpower into developing other features while we wait for the banks to fine tune or release their Open Banking connections.

As most users who’ve connected to some of the larger banks know, it’s been far from smooth sailing in the Open Banking department and diagnosing the banks own issues with their API’s is particularly time consuming


Would it be possible to add OpenMoney stocks and shares ISA to investments please? They offer their own money management aspect to their app but I’d rather bring their S&S ISA into Emma if I can.

Citibank UK

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+1 for tandem. I’d sign up for emma pro on the spot if I could add my card account!

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Unfortunately this will not be available for a very, very long time.