(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

Tandem, Skipton Building Society and Marcus are the major ones for me. If those three were integrated then I would never have to use an alternative finance app again.

Why do you guys have Skipton? Just curious. :eyes:


Skipton has one of the best interest rates around (and excellent customer service).


Some interesting info on Tandem’s API (conversation taken from Tandem’s forum):

They are super slow…

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Do you support any mortgage elements within online banking from the big banks?

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Not yet. The main reason is the big banks have sometimes different interfaces/logins for loans/mortgages, so our providers don’t support them.

Standard life for personal pensions please


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Guessing there will be a few people who request Skipton, Newcastle Building Society and Nottingham Building Society as these are the only three building societies currently offering LISAs

Never heard of these two. :open_mouth:

Newcastle is the biggest one in the North East if England, really concentrates on their β€œhomeland” has some great products and puts a lot back into the local community. It’s great place to work as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think there’s a risk here that, because dummy accounts are a paid Pro feature, there’s more of a push for integrations in general.

Whereas a LISA might be just fine as a dummy account.

I really don’t see all the building societies getting on board any time soon anyway.

I closed an account with Leeds Building Society last month and the options were:

  1. a cheque in the post
  2. complete and post a form for an electronic transfer


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John Lewis Partnership Credit Card

Marcus would be good but I know Goldman Sachs play their cards close to their chest, and especially now with them backing the Apple Card they may not want to share anything.

Few challenger savings banks would be good
Ford Money
Charter Savings Bank
Paragon Bank


What is this? :roll_eyes: