(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

Has Klarna been suggested yet?

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i’m using emma daily how long before open banking is added to all accounts i thought there was a deadline mid september ? some have been but tesco is still having authentication problems which need to be done each time i refresh that account any news on them ?

The deadline was last Monday.

Any update on who is hoining Emma, @edoardomoreni?

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@edoardomoreni any update with tesco bank its still taking around 5 minutes to refresh the balance when you have to wait for a text message with a code.

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Newcastle Building Society

Have you thought of adding Coconut?

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Isn’t that a business card?

Yes, we don’t support biz accounts in Emma.

Principality Saving would be a good add

Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card


The same account provider suggestions appear to be popping up on a regular occurrence,

Is it worth having the OP updated and subsequent comments deleted? Would make it much easier to see quick update posts from @edoardomoreni et all.

P.S. the main ones I’m looking for an update on would be:

β€’ Marcus (Savings)
β€’ Tandem (Everyday - Credit Card)
β€’ Zeux (Savings)
β€’ Skipton Building Society (Savings)

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@edoardomoreni i’ve asked before without a reply so my apolgies for repeating this

but could you update us on tesco bank this is included in your list of banks but there is still an ongoing issue with continuous authentication requirement when refreshing the account. As its one of my main banks its annoying .

any update or timeframe or explaination of whats holding it up ? i do use another banking app similar to emma where tesco is fully functioning without this authentication requirement. but i prefer emma format etc

thanks and apologies for the long post.

Tesco logs us out every time. We are soon replacing this with their Open Banking integration, so you don’t have to login to refresh. It should come in the next few weeks, I think the bank has better ETA than me. :slight_smile:

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