(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Thanks for reporting this! :slight_smile:

Here’s an interesting proposition… with the release of Apple’s new Credit Card, do you guys ever foresee it being possible to integrate? :face_with_monocle:

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I think our US provider is already looking into this. They support 10k+ banks. :rofl:

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Can you add Rabobank, ABN AMRO and ING please!

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We are doing a stickers giveaway on Twitter: https://twitter.com/emma_finance/status/1164472928412545025. :rocket:

It would be nice to get lending works - lender and borrower versions.

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You already have Lloyds Bank listed but my specific account ‘monthly saver’ is not able to be shared. Is this likely to be resolved anytime soon??

Can you reach out to support in the app? We can look into this.

I have done

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We can take it from there. :slight_smile:

No one has replied yet?

I have already filed a ticket, but the bank is not returning this because it doesn’t fall under their own definition of payment account. This is not an error, but expected behaviour if you are connecting via Open Banking.

Ok. is there anyway of manually adding this to the savings tab then?

At the moment, it’s telling me I havnt saved anything yet spend an additional £400 a month, but this is just savings.

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Yes, we have manual accounts in Emma Pro (this is in the More tab). :slight_smile:

Support will take it from there, we might be able to enable access to the account via another method.

Connections to the following would be great:

Sainsbury’s Bank
Royal London pensions

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This is coming via Open Banking very soon.


AJ Bell/YouInvest would be good addition, they have a developer hub https://www.ajbell.io/ that fleshes out their OpenBanking!