NS&I Integration

NS&I integration definitely!


Any update on integration of NS&I (Premium Bonds)?


Another upvote for this!


Whats the latest on support for NS&I Savings (Premium Bonds)? Its been supported on Yolt for as long as I’ve known.

Looks like NS&I have not yet released an open banking API

We’re working towards allowing our customers to share information from selected NS&I accounts with banks and other authorised providers who offer an Open Banking service. We’ll update this page when we have more details.

I suspect Emma won’t consider supporting until that happens.

Yolt are presumably using screen scraping to connect to NS&I.

Yeah. I was just wondering if Emma had any extra info. I messaged NS&I several weeks ago and they just told me to regularly check that page on their site - which I had already seen.

I think I’m right in saying Emma have decided not to build new connections based on credential sharing (screen scraping). So they will need to wait for these providers to release APIs for accessing their accounts.

I’m not sure about the other two but NS&I have not yet released an API, despite indicating for a long time (I reckon at least a year) that they will. https://www.nsandi.com/open-banking-your-questions-answered

So I doubt we’ll see an NS&I connection anytime soon.


That’s fair enough, I’m guessing that’s how Yolt get NS&I then. Someone on this forum did mention in December about AJ Bell having an api, mentioned on their about us page (https://www.ajbell.io/about). Would be nice to get a potential date for this one personally.

Thanks for the info

Hey @edoardomoreni!
Where are you guys at re: adding NS&I? Considering they’ve the best interest rate these days & lots of people are switching their savings over there, seems like a no-brainer?
(And apologies if you’ve answered this above, I didn’t have the wherewithal to go hunting :mag:)


You’ll have to pester NS&I to support open banking first. They’ve been saying they will for years but there doesn’t seem to have been any progress.

Am pretty sure this webpage has been up for at least 2 years:


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Good question @Redg, but unfortunately there’s still no ETA for when this is likely to happen!

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Hi would be great to have NS&I as an option for the savings account link. Is that in the works?


Heeyy @gjh :wave:

This is one I’d find really useful too, but no plans at the moment.

Hopefully in 2021!

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They seem to have abandoned the specific wording that caused me to link to this page in the first place. The wording was previously explicit in saying they will have embraced open banking by 2021. That’s now gone. Now they are using a less interesting statement:

we move quickly to adopt new established FinTech-enabled services and solutions. By 2021 we will be a true digital first business

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Hmm that’s a shame that they keep changing their wording!!

Exactly! Very vague!


To be fair, open banking is costing a lot more than was expected, so I doubt anyone wants to open it up, apparently the 9 forced scheme members were asked to pay up 26m or so between them, nationwide requested smaller banks to contribute

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It is interesting talking with the Open Banking teams directly. While it’s great for consumers and great for us, I often think they have to hire and pay a bunch of people to maintain a system that doesn’t bring them much benefit.

Surprisingly, for a system where they don’t benefit much, they’re quite onto any issues that come up


I wonder if that’s changing. The new Tesco Clubcard Pay account does Open Banking account topups. Whether it’s actually cheaper than faster payments and/or just helps get customers on board and keep them, there must be some benefit.

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I think the idea is that it’s easier for a first time user so lowers the barrier to entry for trying something out.

Monzo’s Easy Bank Transfer is similar.

The Open Banking system actually does a Faster Payment under the hood anyway, so from a technical perspective it’s similar to a user initiated one - I therefore doubt it saves them any money, so it can’t be that.