(Most-Wanted) Features

I’d imagine both platforms could benefit from this as both platforms have OLED screens


That’s true. We’ll report to our designers. :eyes:

Yes I get the same but in a different supermarket. Each one of the chains has a number post brand same as Walmart.

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Changing the names of subscriptions.
I have a number of application subscriptions through iTunes that I can’t tell apart at a glance.
I have to look at the amount and try to remember what it’s for.


@ABakshi Hi and welcome. This is a super friendly and informative forum for you. We are mad on EMMA APP and how it helps.
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Welcome @ABakshi

great feedback, I will pass this on to the team! Don’t forget to introduce yourself :blush:

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We historically can’t detect stuff via iTunes, so most of the times the subscriptions tracking is half broken. :sweat_smile:

While some banks give you real time notifications when your card or accounts get charged, most don’t. Can Emma implement a feature where user can get real time notifications of changes to their accounts? Ex: “15 USD spent at Walmart at 6:12 PM”.

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We can’t and we really don’t aim to do that.

Our data is refreshed every 4hrs, so things are delayed by default.

If you use Apple Pay, you already have it. :wink:

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Is there an update on this?

Hey Andy, cool to see you here! What do you mean?

Hello! Sure. In relation to this

We haven’t got it done yet. It’s extremely simple, but this US launch got in the way. :slight_smile:

How about allowing a Function in the app where we can carry forward the unused balance of the budget which is kind of distribute the quarterly or any other term expenses equally in months. It would be very helpful in understanding the clear picture any budgeted category.


Context and discussion here

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There is (unfortunately) still a lot of banks that I’m not able to connect to Emma. Therefore, it would be great if I could choose a transaction such as a transaction with my name ‘Transfer from Bendik Hallstensen’ or the Revolut ‘Top-Up from ***CARD NUMBER’ and select to ALWAYS exclude transaction like this.

It would also like to see an ‘Edit’ button under ‘Recent Transactions’ where I can select multiple transactions and either rename, exclude, change category or tag straight from that view.

Not sure if this is possible, but it would be great if the Revolut Spare Change transaction somehow got applied to the regular transaction. This could work like Revolut does it themselves in their Andorid app. The transactions shows the total value including the Spare Change and if you click into the transaction you see what ammount you paid to the merchant and what went to the Spare Change Vault.

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In the ‘Note’ field of each transaction I usually write down what I buy. Although this works great for single transaction it looks a little more messy with multiple items. I’d like to propose a feature where users can add a lists of items they have bought under each transaction along with the price of each item. Similar to splitting a transaction between categories, just that you do it between items in a single transaction.


Could you not just add a receipt as an attachment? That would show a list of what you’ve bought.

It would be even better if Emma could do OCR on scans/photos of receipts, and make them searchable.

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I could, but they are not attachments are not separable like descriptions. If Emma added OCR to receipts (and also allows uploads of PDF) that could be another fix.


I’ve started using custom accounts. In addition to be able to add custom transactions I’d like to be able to chose a custom currency. All my custom accounts are in USD.