Mortgage balance from credit report

Hi, I have seen that a credit report will soon be available in Emma. It would be great if mortgage account balances could be pulled automatically from the credit report and added as an account contributing to the total net worth.

I have seen this done in Monzo and I think it would be a pretty cool feature (hopefully not too difficult to implement) for a budgeting app.

Thank you!


I can confirm your credit report will be in Emma, so it’s going to be the balance of any outstanding credit you have - not just mortgage.

But aren’t balances from (most) credit cards pulled from open banking? Which does not happen with mortgage accounts.

Not sure I explained myself clearly. What I meant is that the balance pulled from the credit report can be aggregated with all other balances pulled from open banking to make up the total net worth.

Yes, your credit report has all the balances as well.

Monzo has decided not to show the credit report and take one piece of information (the mortgage).

The point is that the mortgage balance specifically could be aggregated as an account contributing to the total net worth in Emma. Right now it has to be dealt with as an offline account and updated manually. I’m not sure if I’m being very unclear with my messages or the point is deliberately being missed here.

I totally get your point and it makes a lot of sense, I am not deviating from it.

In the original reply, I just mentioned that what you suggested can also be expanded to any open credit since we don’t support loans in Emma. :slight_smile:

For example, I have a balance with Klarna that could show as an account as well as the mortgage.

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