Monzo Discussion & Feedback

Emma was the first aggregator to connect to Monzo’s first public API and this forum wouldn’t have existed without this (, so we kinda have a good opinion about them.

Let us know what you think about Monzo. :point_down::point_down::point_down:

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Monzo just announced Monzo Plus, if you’re a member of their community the nearly 200 comments is worth a read.

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Are they all angry? :open_mouth:

Pretty savage/ critical (quite rightly imo):

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I will need to go through that. :rofl:

But you know, things take time; so you really never know.

Who’s buying it? :open_mouth:

The thread’s a little turbulent at the moment. A rich mix of:

  • “it’s poor value”,

  • “it’s too early to judge” (but there’s a lot of judgement anyway :smirk:)

  • suggestion that it has been pitched too early and therefore both of the above

  • much comparison with other packages

  • a fair few suggestions for content

  • much frustration because there’s so much speculation

A vigorous discussion…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve signed up (purely for the £3 tier) because I’d be happy to support them, but it’s been a very unMonzo launch. Not much prep/ thought/ info which is causing the worry & reaction - and proper :poop: value for the £6 of what they’ve got committed for launch!

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We had the same issues with Pro, then things changed. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

However, the basic plan is a bit funny and they are not a charity, so let’s see how it goes. They have the brains and resources to figure out product market fit on a subscription (which maybe is already working).

You also have to take into account they have been testing this for the past 4 months with A/B tests; so they must have some data.

In regards to this, they also did something similar with a “Marketplace”, then nothing came out; so we’ll see.

This is the outcome I’m expecting. The whole approach has just been so poorly thought out that the data generated so far must surely be of questionable quality, at best

But how can you say that for a company worth £2bn with a thousand employees? :sweat_smile:

Like I just don’t believe it. ahah

How many of those are strong financial specialists?

Financial products are hard, really hard, and monzo seems to treat its product development as brand development, so…

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Syncing my Emma account with Monzo has become really slow in the last week or so

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This sounds a bit weird. We use their API directly. It might be them, we can double check.

Did anyone see this article? -

Seems pretty spot on to me.

I have read that when came out. eheh

I think it’s quite normal. I mean you can compete by pure product (like app-wise), but on the financial side of things, it’s tough to compete with high street banks.

It’s like me selling 1 apple or another guy selling 20,000; his Apples will be always cheaper than mine. :cry:

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Thoughts on how monzo and its talks of adding external accounts into the app, how will this impact Emma…