Monthly burn down

In poking around the app, I don’t believe this exists already (if it does, please point me in the right direction!).

I’d love to see a sort of “burndown” projection. The app does a nice job of telling me a general category to slow down, but I’d say that’s only partially helpful. It would be great to be able to see overall (and/or) per category the projected burndown for the month. In other words, based on my normal spending habits, what’s the projected cash balance per week until month end.

For me this is super helpful because if I end up going over budget in a category, having the burndown lets me plan better. In my mind, the projected cash burn rate gives me a view into what areas I need to pull back in to make sure I hit my overall budget, or it gives me a quick look at if I am under budget in a number of categories, so my normal spending rate will actually be OK.

All that said, have been greatly enjoying the app!

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Agreed. Dividing by category sometimes gives me tunnel-vision.

This makes sense.

What about the bars in analytics? They should highlight where you are at. :wink: