Moneyhub Discussion & Feedback

Anyone else here using Moneyhub? It’s free for 30 days and then costs £10 a year (or £15 if you purchase via the app)


  • Support for a lot of accounts and types
  • Manual accounts
  • Custom categories with subcategories e.g. Household can contain Bills, home repairs, education etc.


  • App is mainly a wrapper for the website and isn’t the best - no notifications etc.
  • Some issues with accounts that use/need 2FA like Tesco needing manual refreshing
  • Did I mention the app is rather clunky? I think their site is having issues right now so the app keeps locking up on me…

Some screenshots of it are at The details - Moneyhub but a few self-obfuscated ones are below (I can only post one image per post as I’m a new user so see replies for more)

Spending analysis gauge, can also choose bar or pie chart graphs too:

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Investment analysis:

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Cool to see they have Wealthify. They refuse to give us the API. :slight_smile:

I think they use Yodlee to get the data.

They don’t have Wealthify, that’s a manual one but it did give it an icon…

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ah! So we should add custom icons to manual accounts then. ehhe

Thanks for sharing this. It’s cool.

One more Pro I forgot: As the app is mainly a front end to the web site you can access it from any browser, here’s what it looks like in Safari on an iPad. The red dots are accounts that are having connectivity issues and the other accounts that haven’t updated in months are archived ones:

Looks a bit rough, but similar to MoneyDashboard.

I am so waiting for an Emma web version. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would be excellent - how easy would this be to roll out?

Could link to twitter account profile pictures?

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I trialled it several months ago but didn’t particularly like it. It’s mentioned in the original post that the app is clunky and I think that’s how I remember it.

My memory of Moneyhub and Money Dashboard has probably merged somewhat as I remember finding them fairly similar. But I remember one or both of them being very granular when it comes to categorisation and prompting you to pick a category for every transaction. I found this very irritating.

I also didn’t like that it didn’t have rich transaction information.

The only thing I think I liked about it was it supported a very large number of banks.

Yup, there’s too much granularity IMO. There are 15 main categories then sub categories in each.

As to the prompting, there’s a “transaction inbox” where you assign categories to everything new that appears, you can just press a tick at the top right to accept everything “as is” though. Much like Emma it learns as you categorise so I can usually just OK everything.

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We need a few other engineers, but I think a month, maybe less.

Do you guys know who’s behind Moneyhub? I thought they had a biz version as well.

They do: