Analytics by pay period

The most useful feature would be analytics based on pay period.

Analytics will be completely distorted when reviewing over a calendar month. Solely due to the fact that most people will be paid on a set date/last Friday of the month. This very rarely falls on the last day of the month and therefore, an income vs spend over pay period will be far more useful. This will allow for a more detailed view when tracking budgets over an extended period of time.

I have been an emma customer for a number of months now and this is the one thing that is making me consider leaving for an alternate budgeting app.

Any updates on this?


I think a filter letting you pick any time period would be better and more flexible, eg for people who don’t have regular pay periods

What budgeting app has this feature?

Hi Edoardo,

I am yet to research which app has this available and with all due respect, that was not my question. Or the point of my post. I believe, and so do many other members, that this feature would be extremely useful.

If this is not something that can be developed due to the complexity of the request and does not form part of the roadmap for your application, perhaps you could inform us?

Alternatively as a further suggestion, perhaps one of your developers could create a spreadsheet containing the correct formula to sort these transactions by predefined dates and display them in digestible pivot tables? Obviously not a long term solution, however, I believe this would be an extremely useful element.

I get analytics for my current pay period, but not previous pay periods. Is the request for analytics for all historical pay periods, not just the current pay period?

Yolt has historical analytics per pay period.

I too receive current analytics, however, a view of incoming vs outgoing for the previous x amount of pay periods would surely be more useful than showing the monthly figures. This will enable your users to truly understand how much they have spent of their previous pay credit.

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It doesn’t really work in this way though.

What we have planned is:

  • Rolling Budgets (Pro Feature)
  • Ability to see past budgets
  • Previous Paydays - as requested here. :slight_smile:

It will all come in the same bundle, but only Rolling Budgets are Pro.


I was just asking cause for us it’s useful to research/understand what others are doing. :wink:

Sorry if this is a dumb question - but what would the rolling budgets functionality look like in Emma?

You set £100 in April for groceries, but only spend £50. The remaining £50 rolls over the next month. :slight_smile:


That will be a really helpful for addition - cheers Edoardo

Hi Edoardo, do we have an ETA on these?

Hi Edoardo,

Just signed up to add a :+1: for this feature!

I moved from YNAB to Emma (and more recently, Emma Pro) a while ago due their lack of open banking support - but really miss their zero-based budgeting for annual costs (insurances, tax bills, etc.)

It sounds like rolling budgets would solve this? I’m thinking I could budget £X / 12 each month, and let it build up over the year, ready to “pay off” when the inevitable bill arrives?

PS. Huge thank you to you and your team for making Emma such a great app :clap::+1:


Yes. :slight_smile: I think it should fix this use case.

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Not yet, but I am pushing for it - we should have a few people on it by this week.

Emma is a budgeting app, so these are essentials.

The gamification aspect of this is what will really drive me. It’s similar to when I was training while running, or losing some weight… “Can I do just a little more than last time?”

Could really see the rolling budget feature being used in so many ways, just like @Sticklebrick said.

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Recently joined Emma Pro and has been looking for the Previous Paydays feature too. This bundle sounds exciting, when is it being rolled out?

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Heeeyy @estera :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community!

We’re working on these things at the minute - then we’ll probably be asking for some testers!

Hi Rebekah, yes please, happy to be a tester for this bundle if required!

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Also looking forward to these features, in particular seeing previous pay periods analytics.

I can see the current period and that’s very useful, but seeing the previous calendar months is not that relevant to me in this context. I need all the previous pay periods instead for accurate comparisons.

Would also be happy to beta test this functionality @rebekah, hopefully it’s not far off?

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