Monese Integration

What about Monese?

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Are Monese any good? I signed up for an account to get the free money they offered but looked at their fees and never opened the app again. I didn’t see anything that sets them apart from all the other challenger banks.

They were supposed to give us an API in November last year…

What was their response when you chased up?

Any update on Monese? They’ve been developing at impressive speed recently and have changed the pricing, so the free tier is now much more attractive.

You can top up the Monese EUR account with the Starling EUR debit card, then exchange to the Monese GBP account and back to Starling, avoiding fees… Larger amounts, you need a SEPA transfer, which is slower, but still avoids the fees.

Virtual card now on the GBP account too

I don’t think they have an API. :stuck_out_tongue:

They have from now.
I would be happy to use that as well in app

Any chance you’ll add monese?? I’m thinking probably not :pensive: