Marketing Push Notifications - cant turn them off?

Hi Emma Team,

Quick question - is there a way to turn off marketing push notifications (e.g. referrals, other general spam) without simply disabling all notifications from my android settings?

Ive turned off almost all the individual notification categories within the app, but I’m still getting marketing notifications. There doesnt seem to be a specific category for these alone to switch them off.

I enjoy using this app and it definately helps me manage my money better, but marketing notifications enrage me and make me want to delete the app permanently.

Here’s my current notifications settings:

I only have monthly summary and budget notifications turned on.

Am I missing something here?
Please help.


Hi Ben,

thanks for your feedback.

We don’t have any short term plans for this, but we can definitely talk with the product team.

Thanks for the feedback Edoardo.
Keep up the great work!

Feels like it should be an option when paying for premium for sure.

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To be totally transparent, we don’t see anything we do as spam, so it would be very “subjective” to the user. However, we usually don’t send pushes to premium users.


I think there are premium members like myself that would rather share Emma “organically” because they like the product itself - so would prefer to opt out of these sorts of notifications.

I’d definitely prefer this sort of thing in a dedicated part of the app instead, at least for Premium. Notifications are intrusive and can be a very negative experience for some


we are working on a better way to do this.

On our side, this is the performance we see with offers/promos.

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As bad as they can sound, they keep Emma alive. :wink:

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We used to do some Emma Pro promos, but now they have been fully removed.

They still exist, but are contextual to the user. We’ll do the same for referrals.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to send the push to people who don’t refer.

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That chart isn’t very helpful without seeing it segmented by Free vs Premium account referrals. Do you have that?

I completely get it - but it’s a short-term spike. Surely you’d prefer premium members to become product ambassadors and recommended the app in slack channels, private communities, and as replies on Twitter when people are asking about finance tracking. I think long-term, premium users will get annoyed by the over-gamification - it does feel like advertising that should, but wasn’t, removed when subscribing.

Just my two cents. Your product is amazing and I don’t want you to lose out long-term.

Yes, I get your feeling.

I think people upgrade when they want to remove ads.

Emma doesn’t have any ads, so it’s very difficult to label what we do as “ads” - this can be very subjective.

If we wanted to put ads, there would be a Google Adsense banner in the feed.

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