Too Many Irrelevant Notifications

Is there any way to turn-off certain notifications?

Things like referral bonus and quizzes, and to some extent the reports, which I don’t find very useful. Feels like I’m seeing these sort of notifications several times a day and it’s a bit irratating to keep having to dismiss them. Is there a way to turn those off (i.e. the spam), and just leave the transaction based notifications on?

Yes. From your home screen, look to your lower right and click the “More” button. Now look to your upper right and click the settings gear. Now scroll down to the “Notifications” option. Everything you asked for is right there.


You can even deactivate reports and quizzes just from Settings. :slight_smile:

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Found them, thanks. Glad those options were added

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Hey @MrJoe :wave:

Glad you found them! Closing this thread now :blush: