Where is the Committed Spending screen

I am new to Emma so please excuse the daft question.

Where do I find the Committed Spending screen? I looked under Analytics and all I can see is Categories, Merchants, Budgets and Setup. Please help.

Hey @scoyneuk

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If you go to the Feed tab, can you see all your subscriptions?

If you don’t have any subscriptions set up then you won’t be able to see your committed spending in the analytics tab.

Likewise, you won’t be able to see committed spending for the month if the upcoming payment has already been paid.

This link below on our FAQ page might help explain things a little better :blush:

Hi Rebekah,

Yes I can see all my Subscription - I have about 20 Active and about Inactive.

I just can’t seem to find the Committed Spending screen. This a screenshot of what I can see:

It should just show under the categories on the analytics tab!

What date is your next upcoming payment?

Committed spending shows in Analytics but it is relative to the time period you’re analysing. I see that the screenshot above is referring to the 25 Jan - 24 Feb period therefore if the section doesn’t show it means it’s 0 (you don’t have any upcoming regular payments until the 24th of Feb, they were likely already paid this month).

Hope this helps

Antonio you are 100% correct. Now I feel like a complete fool! :flushed:

Thank for everyone’s assistance, it is greatly appreciated.

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Don’t worry, if the product is not clear, it means it’s our fault. :slight_smile: