The Co-operative Bank is no longer available

We have sent this message to all our users who have a co-operative account connected in Emma. :cry: :sob:

Hey you,

this is Edoardo, CEO & co-founder of Emma.

I am writing to let you know that unfortunately we are dropping support for The Co-operative Bank. On the 14th of March, the current system we use to connect will become outdated and the bank won’t provide Open Banking APIs, but a modified interface that will require you to login every time to refresh your data.

This limits our ability to provide a good service and given the coverage this bank has, we have decided to drop support entirely.

Edoardo Moreni

I assumed modified customer interfaces (screenscraping+) wouldn’t require authorised third party providers to go through strong customer authentication on every single login. I thought that was the whole point of them as an alternative to APIs.

Is that not the case?
If not, how are they different from regular login screens?

No, it’s not the case. We still need to re-authenticate. :man_shrugging:

Hi, this is sad news as I use the co-operative. My app already says that my account is closed but I thought I had until the 14th March?

I will switch banks to another. Any issues with the Halifax before I make the switch?


Halifax works perfectly and they support Open Banking. :slight_smile:

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Same here . I will switch to Nationwide.
Any issue with them?

So what’s the point of a modified customer interface when compared to the regular customer interface?

I have no knowledge of the area (just an interested user) but I’d assumed the later is the regular interface customers see when logging into the bank and the former is the interface presented to third parties such as account aggregators to facilitate their operation as an alternative to API.

If picking a bank based on open banking support, a useful approach might be to look at the table at the link below (from Truelayer) and look for banks that have ticks in every column. Nationwide aren’t quite there yet, lacking savings account support. Truelayer is a company Emma uses as a conduit to facilitate connections to banks, so the table gives an indication of what’s available to Emma.

Credit Cards are not working properly.

Hi. I am not able to move my bank accounts and I have paid for the Pro version. Is there a way to get a refund?

Many thanks


Thanks for reaching out via chat! I’ve responded to you there :slight_smile:

I take it there’s no chance of getting Smile Bank onboard?

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It used to be supported but now isn’t as, like the Co-operative Bank, it hasn’t produced an Open Banking API.

If Co-operative do actually release an API, it will probably be identical for Smile, so Emma would then consider adding both again, I imagine.

But this is an issue caused by the banks not having an API, rather than Emma.


How come Nationwide only allows their current accounts and not their savings/ISA accounts?

This is a bit off topic, but ISAs are not supported by any bank.

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Is that the same with savings accounts? (Non ISA)

It really depends on the bank, but if they don’t show it means we don’t support them.

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Thank you for the quick reply


Hello - I wanted to revive this topic because I am a Co-operative Bank customer and would like to use Open Banking with Emma or a similar app.
I found some pages online that describe the Co-op’s REST API for Open Banking and wondered whether this was a new development and whether the Co-op may be able to be supported by apps like Emma in the future.
The link is here: Introducing Co-operative Bank's Open Banking Solution for TPPs
Is there hope, or should I just change banks?