Live Data Export (improvement over CSV download!)


So I would love to throw this feature request into the ring: After just signing up to Monzo Plus for a little bit - and my favourite feature being the “Live Data Export to Google Sheets” - I would really love to see this Live feed work it’s way into Emma too.

I love dashboarding things - and the CSV data - while I can do it periodically, and it is great - it would could be super powerful if it did a Live export.

It would mean I could chart things in a more in depth way that I can see in a phone screen, and those always be live. Or also use the power of IFTTT with a Google Sheet too.

Would love to see this pop up :slight_smile:


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The Monzo regular :wink: seen you taken a fancy to the Monzo pot generator :wink: pitching exportation to a spread sheet to an aggregator is like pitching cows milk to a cow;) I Remember the days my family used to do their banking on excel , can’t see the appeal if You’ve got services like this built into a free app why would you want to export it to a dated format on a cloud version of excel :hot_face:

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Knew I should have gone for a different username!

Well to be fair, they already have a CSV export as part of Pro - so clearly these cows are already sipping their milk… But maybe not instantly on every transaction being made? Ok bad analogy

Either way I certainly think this is something that would only complement their existing feature - and clearly they have the capabilities in place for most of it!

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Yes, we are definitely doing this. @antonio was already having a look.

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Haha no worries it was thanks your comment I found it :wink: Not to be rude :crazy_face: I can’t get it, you sign up to an aggregate to help with ones finances , then people want to export it to Google Sheets to manage it themselves, it’s like what’s the point in going for the aggregate If you’re Going to use them as a middle man to export to a spreadsheet, it’s like opening a bank account and keeping your money under your bed :joy: you may as well enter the data manually :joy:

But why would you enter the data manually if you could download it all from Emma in seconds haha? :joy:

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The whole point of Emma :wink: Free app, decent features, managing finances if you’re gonna export to a spreadsheet what’s the point in the app :wink: then you get the Pro Release, enhanced analytics & features, all in one app, and then you go to export it to sheets or excel to manage your funds in a spreadsheet :crazy_face: it’s a fad, all hyped up as Monzo have paywalled it :wink: just like the metal cards :wink: I’d scrap the idea and just link up with Xero :wink: That would make SMES very happy:)automatic book keeping from all accounts instead of one :wink:

Yeah I guess the thing with this is that everybody likes to manage their money in a slightly different way!

What’s important for one person, isn’t for another!

And although we would love to build an app that had everything exactly how everyone wants, we can’t :joy:, which is where the excel sheets come in handy for those people that need an extra level of detail!


Oh yes appreciated people like to manage money in different ways :upside_down_face: Just wouldn’t say it’s a priority :hot_face: like I was having a natter with Joel, about getting the outdated icons sorted out, as some are so outdated :shushing_face: But unfortunately it’s not a priority :weary:, Was very nice and helpful though :laughing: like it’s the base platform, it’s a paid platform , it’s nice having twitter handles but you have to do it to every transaction ! That’s just an example,think the basics need to be ironed out before everyone jumps on new features(that take the experience away from the awesome service you guys have) :v::blush:

Still very much so looking forward to this feature!

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