Light-Hearted News

I actually can’t cope with Christmas adverts, every single one makes me so emotional hahah

This one from Disney is also v cute

I started watching it and was instantly annoyed by the emotion of it but watched it to the end and now I’m teary eyed :joy:

maybe don’t watch this one then :joy:

I watched it, and was annoyed that she had used red thread to fix the ear instead of black.

Basics!!! :rofl:

Cute otherwise :grin:

Oh, that one was brilliant :clap:

For fans of the Harry Potter franchise:

and a story from last month:

Haha sending this to my friend who is obsessssed with HP

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Thoughts on this years JL Christmas ad??

This is one of those stories you can’t quite believe has made it into the news, but it does bring up the very important question…

Brussel sprouts… love them or hate them?

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600 songs… $300 Million!!!

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