Lessons From Emma

We had this funny tweet at the weekend which suggested Emma was helping tackle a drinking problem :joy:

What is the biggest thing Emma has taught you about your finances?

Has it made you re-evaluate how you spend your money? Changed any of your spending habits?

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We need a YouTube workshop :wink:

A workshop showing you how to use Emma? Or just generally how to manage your money?

Both !! You’re pitching to new and old customers as well as showing people how much easier it is letting Emma manage your finances, like do a class or something :slight_smile: could do a private live feed periodically with like classes of 10-20 and if they get stuck turn on their MIC or message a question :slight_smile:

What about if we held an actual event? (Corona safe ofc)

Could be a workshop, meet & greet, find out how others use the Emma app?

Gotta think about cost, how far away it is, like it would cost me between £70-£90 one way to London so baring that in mind, if you were to do it outside maybe with some gazebos defiantly would be better, but as a trial I’d prefer to see how it would work out remotely :crazy_face: Virtual Emma Fest :wink: Worst case scenario remote trial won’t cost you an arm and a leg if it goes down hill :upside_down_face: you could have several hosted feeds, 2–3 groups for lessons, I’m not sure what your age stats are but if we had it tailored to Beginner, Intermediate, Pro so there’s something for everyone :partying_face::partying_face: could sell virtual VIP Tickets where you’d get a raffle for swag and a Investival badge for the app and community goers :wink: a separate section where community members are given the chance to hang out with the team and ask questions about current and future products :partying_face: if it is a success could do a `Emma branded face mask for people who enjoyed it and prefer to try a face to face :thinking: you want more ideas ?:joy:

Love this :joy:

@edoardomoreni on the Main Stage

How much would you pay for a ticket? :wink:

If it’s virtual and it offers something special probably between £5-£10 on zoom the free tier allows you to host up to 100 participants with ticket support etc. So the only cost really would be if you chose to add any swag , backdrops etc. :partying_face:

Could we have a poll on here or twitter to see if there’s any interest :star_struck:?

The zoom thing would have to be the next tier up which would £11.99 for a month , the free tier only allows 40 mins :crazy_face: