It's not clear which integrations actually exist?

I’ve been using the app for a long while, and therefore followed the announcements of new integrations quite closely, however I wonder what the user experience is like for a new user, that is trying to work out which of their accounts you support?

For example, the first 4 of these bring up social media campaigns.

A user might click on a few of these and then give up, thinking that you don’t support any investment accounts.

I think a better UX must be possible.

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Hi @sebinsua,

you are right, but again - users click on what they have, not everything. :wink:

This might be an awful idea but you could make some of the items slightly transparent. People would still click on them, but it’d be clearer which ones were working integrations.


UX needs to be clearer.

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Do you guys need any of those integrations? :see_no_evil:

The reason why we have added the missing one is because we don’t really want to have people in support asking for them every 10 mins. It really doesn’t depend on us, so a tweet to the company might be more useful than anything else. :slight_smile:

I’d like Freetrade (and Vanguard).

But, say you added these and I missed the notification. How would I realise that they were now working looking at the screen in the first post?


A potential issue is an Emma user might open an account with one of these providers (after seeing it listed in Emma) and only later discover it is not supported. That would be annoying for the user.

I understand you want users to tap on the unsupported provider so you can nudge them to tweet. Greying out the unsupported providers might lead to them not getting tapped. But perhaps unsupported providers could have some subtext saying “unsupported - tap for info”

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Not sure if greying them out would be the best option, might make things look more confusing?

Would a little * next to the name be any better? Would be easy to spot which integrations were supported just by looking at the list, without complicating the design too much?

Are the companies already engaged with Emma and actively collaborating? I.e. a matter of time due to resource allocation on their end?
Or is it just a way to ask them to start engaging?,

It’s this and less support for us.

They don’t really care or have plans.

In terms of us, we don’t have a huge incentive. At this point, we have hundreds of thousands of connections to banks (active and updating) and 500 people use Wealthify. We are not even talking about 0.001% of the users.

You have 50+ million users already? Wow that’s something. /s

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50,000,000?? No way.

That many users and yet less than 10 users appear to visit this community forum :rofl:

They must’ve hit the support jackpot - 49,999,990 users busy happily using the app, while 10 users are trolling the forums :sunny:

(new rant detected - topic closing in 3… 2…)


You might not have leverage, but I can’t see why you don’t have an incentive. Every integration you don’t support makes you less useful to users with those services.

No idea about how to get big companies to alter their roadmaps with respect to small startups, so drive user’s towards competitor startups I guess…

The issue is they don’t care, we don’t have an incentive, so when opportunities like nutmeg show up we are more than happy to do them. :slight_smile:

If we spend our time lobbying for MoneyBox, we don’t go anywhere.

0.001% of half a million is 500. :slight_smile:

Like now we are talking with Fidelity. We can even spend a week talking, but if they don’t do it - we really don’t have any way to actually bring it - unless we start doing web scraping.

The situation is likely to change since we are getting to a point where a) we get more downloads b) we are way bigger; so yes, they will probably start thinking about it and we are fully open.

This is true and if this segment of users was 40/30% of Emma, it would be our main challenge; but as of today, it is not. That’s why it’s not a priority for us to reverse engineer MoneyBox mobile app to try to get their APIs working. :sweat:

500,000 ?

10% = 50,000
1% = 5,000
0.1% = 500
0.01% = 50
0.001% = 5