Issue with budgeting average


I have noticed an issue / possible improvement, when setting up budgets it shows you your average spend each month however it does not distinguish between income and expenses. As you can see bellow my education is all income i do not spend in that category and there is no way to tell the difference between income and expenses as they are labelled the exact same.

Also I was an emma pro user and had rolling budgets turned on since then I have become a free user and no longer want rolling budgets but am unable to make the change back to non rolling budgets as I am not a pro user. Is it possible to revert back to the free default setting of no rolling budgets afterward. Also the ability to set rolling budgets per category would be great not sure if thats a feature coming soon.

Hi Vlad,

thanks for reporting this.

I think this specific issue has been always there since categories can be positive or negative. We’ll look into it. :slight_smile:

As per the rolling budget, we can quickly check - although the app might say you have them on, they shouldn’t really work in the background.

They are definitely still working, so not sure why this might be the case but the budgets are for sure rolling over each month