Showing Categories in Transactions List

Hey guys,

@Joel was playing around with this screen and came up with this solution in order to display the categories in the transactions list.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


I like the look of this. Clean and clear


I suspect I’d prefer it under the transaction/merchant name and with a smaller gap. However this is just nitpicking at minutiae. I’ll be pleased with categories in transaction list regardless of exact design.


It’s a no for me, unfortunately.

Agreed 100%, I associate the category with the merchant, not the price.

It feels out of place next to the money, and I lose track of which one it applies to when looking back and forth.


Bravo, exactly what we need, as Alex said, nice and clear.
This works for me. I believe a category ties more to the money spent than where it was spent. I can go to Boots, Home Depot, Walmart or any large store which sells a wide range of products, and it won’t always be the same expense category.

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ahahha why?

Do we have space?

I think it would, as the other user suggested,

Left align it under the merchant, and make it just a little closer to being underneath (line spacing)

Not sure how long it would take to try that / mock that up?

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It would be lovely to be able to tap the category name and go straight to the list of categories to change the category…

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I think it works really well. Regardless of the location of the category, it’s better than as is. I like it under the price… less cluttered that way and I see it as the cost attributed to that category. What would be useful is to be able to select a number of transactions and then simultaneously change their category to a specified category without having to go into each one separately.

The only concern I had was when notes were there. Because notes go directly underneath the merchant, I was worried that it would be too cluttered to also put the category of the transaction there


That makes sense. I forgot that happens when there is a note. I suppose instead of text from the note you could have a small icon indicating the transaction has a note associated with it.

Whilst I really value the ability to add notes I don’t really need to see the note in the transaction list. An icon indicating presence of a note would suffice.


We are going to roll this out in a test this or next week to see if it improves things! :slight_smile:


Category belongs with the transaction imo as it is in the screenshot not with the merchant. As others have said many merchants cover a wide range of categories.

Well, you have a very similar layout on Analytics tab…


Main question is… did you win quiz night?

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What about notes?

Didn’t know they existed )
Well notes can override categories but I don’t think many people are actually using them

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It does make sense. :slight_smile: