Account View - Categories and Tags

I have done a little mock up of an idea that I think will benefit a lot of people.

In the account view transaction list you cannot tell, at a glance, which category lines are if they have a merchant logo. You cannot tell which items are tagged, untagged or mistagged.

I think it would be a great idea to do something like this:

Discreet small text. Pale colour, first word in caps is the category, followed by any tags in italic. One line only and if you are a serial tagger and it goes past say 50 characters then tough - it just ends … and you’d have to go into the detail to see more.


I would also like to be able to see category information at-a-glance (i.e. without clicking on the transaction) so would appreciate something like this.

In the past I have suggested it would be good if there were a toggle to switch between merchant and category icons in the transaction view (which could perhaps be done via a gesture rather than a UI element). This would be another way of giving more at-a-glance transaction information in the transaction list (although not for tags I suppose).


or big circle - merchant logo, small circle - category like I have done here on black sheep coffee?

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We are adding a toggle to remove merchant logos from the transactions list.

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Oh my god, you are adding a toggle? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, in Account Settings.

You should have seen this: :wink:


ohhh I hadn’t read that logo line.

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This is a feature only for @mrchrisbrogan, who’s lobbying for toggles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I’d like to be able to switch between merchant logos and category icons from within the transactions list. I like the merchant logos and it’s only when I want to see categorisation at a glance that I would want to temporarily switch the merchant icons to category icons. I don’t think I will use the toggle functionality from within the settings.

But I understand having in settings works for those who dislike merchant logos and have no interest in frequently switching between the two options

We need to keep things simple. :slight_smile:

I’m in love with this toggle if I can find it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for resurrecting this thread @Recchan, I was looking for this the other day but couldn’t find it.

I think having both the merchant icon and categories visible would be a big help. With a toggle to flick between merchant and category you’re still only able to see one at a time.

Maybe you could have a toggle for a simple view (the current merchant or category view), or detailed view (similar to the mockups above, with more detail visible at a glance).

You could have the default as the current view, with a toggle hidden in settings for us more demanding users to enable the detailed view :joy:


Hi @edoardomoreni. I’m looking for the toggle for deactivating merchant logos as per the upcoming release tweet you’ve linked to above but no joy. Did this get released? If so, where/how do I find it please?!

I think this was removed in favor of having the category name under the transaction balance. :slight_smile:

Ah… ok. Good to know. Thanks!