iOS 16 Beta Anyone?

Is anyone else running iOS 16 beta and not able to drill into the accounts in Emma? I know this is premature so I’m not reporting it as a bug, I’m just wondering if it’s unique to my device or a potential software issue to require a fix when iOS 16 is released.

Hey @Nate,

thanks for reporting, we are taking a look

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I have it iOS16 Public Beta installed - posted about it recently here. Mostly fine but a minor issue with the Everyday section and it freezing when you go to that section.

Yes, it’s the same issues. Like you say, there’s workarounds so I too am not overly perplexed (as it’s our choice to run beta of course). I just wanted to make sure Emma were aware so that others aren’t flooding the forum with issues after iOS 16s release.

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Although saying that, since it freezes in the Everyday section, I am not able to manually change the balance of accounts where I have money, but not able to add them to Emma app. Not the end of the world. As long as Emma team are aware of it - no doubt with Public Beta out now, as you said, they will probably be other issues/bugs

Hmmm… I don’t have any manual accounts in Everyday. Only savings and investments but if you access through the Emma Pro section and then Offline accounts, are you able to edit from there?

Gone to the Offline accounts section within Emma Pro section and it freezes so can’t click on anything.

We are investigating this.

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I messaged your support/live chat - and been told to email a video on what is happening for me - to help you investigate :slight_smile:

(Although struggling to get video off phone via AirDrop as that seems to be not working on iOS16 Public Beta!)

Have you guys been working on update to Emma app so it functions properly in iOS16? Would be nice to be able to use it to its full functionality

We are trying to replicate this - it seems a bit sporadic.

We have plans to do a major app update in August that should also fix this.


I just tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, to see if it would be OK and work as expected. Unfortunately it did not.

I don’t think this is sporadic as it’s 100% of the time that you cannot drill into ‘Everyday’ accounts to transaction level and we both experience the same issue 100% of the time. If the fix in August corrects this then all well and good but I hope it is fixed.

Obviously, it was my choice to run beta so if 3rd party apps aren’t running how they should well, that’s on me. But I hope by us bringing this issue to the table early, it means everyone should have a smooth transition on iOS16’s release.

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Thanks for this. :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s fixed under version 4.1.8 and the iOS beta 4 developer build :+1:t4: Not checked everything but I can certainly drill into transaction level in Everyday accounts now.

I guess it was an iOS issue? We haven’t touched it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would love a net worth lock screen widget on the new O.S

I don’t think many would want to display their financials for everyone to see but to each their own I guess.

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It depends on your security settings, if you’ve got Face ID setup, the widget won’t show the amount until verification has been met.

Do you mean the new Lock Screen widgets like these or the widgets once you’ve accessed the phone.

Oh and yeah, I’ve not been terribly active today :joy:

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