App frozen, can’t click on anything


In the past few days I have found that my Emma app has frozen and I can’t do anything when logged in.

I have tried closing the app and re-opening, but after I put in my passcode and it loads the main screen I have found that I can’t click on anything or do anything and it shows my balance from several days ago.

Is anyone else having issues? I recently update my iPhone to IOS 15.1, so could that be causing issues?


Hey Craig,

thanks for reporting this, we are checking now.


It shouldn’t be related to ios15. I would check the phone itself and maybe storage? Have you tried to uninstall and install?

If I were to uninstall the app will I lose all the data I have up to a few days ago?

I have checked storage and there is plenty left.

Nope, there is no date stored on the device.

Was this resolved?

Yes, it is working now. Thank you.