Emma crashing on iOS 14 beta

As title says, tried to setup an account (which works) and after importing the first bank account and getting to the main screen, the app closes

I’m having this exact same issue!

I added my Nationwide account and it’s linked etc., but now when I go to add other accounts the app opens, I see the home screen for a second and then it shuts the whole system down and the app disappears.
So annoying! I’ve restarted my phone just in case but no idea what’s going on.

Hey guys,

we are aware it’s crashing for new users - we should resolve shortly. :slight_smile:

Sorry about this.

Thank you :blush:

If you force close/open the app a couple of times, it should go through.

Can you let us know? :pray:

Can you try to force close/open the app a couple of times? Or even delete/install.

It’s now working for me. Thank you

Yep it’s all working now! Thank you :smiley:

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Awesome! :slight_smile: