Investing With Nutmeg

Hey folks,

We’ve teamed up with Nutmeg to bring you some more investing guides!

Just published is a guide to why you should invest and what you can invest in.

It’s well worth a read :sunglasses: :point_right:

Let us know if you’ve tried Nutmeg before - and if you have what you think of it! :raised_hands:

Happy Friday everyone :rocket:

The second Nutmeg Investment guide is now up on the Emma blog, this time it covers investment risk.

The blog post also looks at the different ways you can begin investing your money. From the DIY approach to using Nutmeg to help build your portfolio.

Worth mentioning here that if you use Emma to invest with Nutmeg you won’t pay any portfolio management fees for six months :wink:

Does anyone think they’re likely to give Nutmeg a go?

Not at the moment! Never invested before but everything seems far too volatile for me to start right now.

Usually it’s time in the market so that any ups and downs are averaged over the life of your investment.

If you’re in it for say 10+ years, you probably won’t even notice any huge changes throughout.

Totally! I find this person on Instagram explains investing really well :raised_hands:


I am afraid the only Nutmeg I use is in my homemade rice pudding :rofl:

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I took a look over this guys insta - he’s really good. Shame I don’t have insta

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If you’re just going passive. 0.75% seems steep to me :man_shrugging:

This is a terrible joke :joy::joy:

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