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Afternoon everyone :wave:

We’ve written a new blog post all about PensionBee. We cover:

  • What is PensionBee
  • How does it work?
  • Types of plans
  • Associated fees

You can read it here:

We’re also introducing a new offer for Emma customers…

Sign up to PensionBee through the Save Money tab on Emma and combine your pensions to get Emma Pro for FREE for six months! :blush::rocket::money_with_wings:

It’s strange that their higher risk category references funds that are traditionally lower returns (tailored to lower risk I believe).

Is this correct?

Oh, I’m not sure - are fossil fuel free, eco friendly options normally lower risk then?

I guess it is what you deem risk. They aren’t lower risk as such but offer lower returns often along with other more ethical options.

When people look at choosing an investment risk, higher risk usually gives higher returns, and vice versa.

It may just need checking with PensionBee and terminology but whenever you see risk for funds, usually the dirtier the fund the higher the risk in my experience.

I could be wrong.

I could be wrong on this. The ESG impact of Nutmeg at the highest risk is high. It just surprises me as this isn’t how the industry played previously :wink:

You would take a hit on return (this lower risk) for the nicety of doing a good thing and selecting nice funds.

Ok, that’s interesting

Their website is categorising these kinda options as higher-risk!

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Ok I’m pretty impressed. It’s not terrible and I guess their risk is that things don’t work out for this plan of a fossil free future.

There are some things they have excluded that I would still invest in, but we all have different “ethics” when it comes to this.

I may even consider switching my pensions over to them once I’ve done a bit more research into the fund and it’s performance.

I moved to the PensionBee Fossil Free plan because I’m just too busy saving the planet

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Definitely considering it now.


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This is too good :joy:


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