Intra-account transfers

This must have already been asked, but I can’t find an answer. So, please help :pray:

Question: is there a way to re-allocate transfers between synced and manual accounts?


  • I’ve got a current account (automatic sync) and 2 Vanguard accounts (manual input; argh, Vanguard, argh!).
  • I make transfers from current to both Vanguard accounts. Destination, amounts and dates vary (basically, I transfer when I have money and to wherever I can - SIPP, ISA, general account).
  • Emma correctly identifies the transfer out as going to Vanguard.
  • However, sometimes, it locates the transfer to the wrong Vanguard account and I can’t rectify this.
  • Also, Vanguard fees come out from the current account as a single fee to a single Vanguard account. I can split the transfer out, but not allocate it to the correct Vanguard account.

I hope that’s clear, if not, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

The short answer is no.

I have a SIPP and an SS ISA with Vanguard and Emma just doesn’t distinguish between the two, whatever I try to do with categories. Smart payments are better because the transactions have different amounts, but it sounds like that won’t help you. The categories engine just doesn’t work imo

I’d create a new manual account plus smart rule with max amount eg £3 for this. Then you can split the fees in the virtual account into categories, or just leave them as a single fee…

Thanks, Gaoler.
I think I’ll just continue manually adjusting the transfers and fees through the gains (or losses). Whilst not ideal, at least I’ll have the right balances. This seems the less time-consuming option for me…
Nevertheless, thanks again.