Interest Rates on Manual Accounts

I’m using manual accounts for a couple of savings accounts (either because they’re unsupported banks, like Marcus, or because they don’t directly belong to me), and whilst it’s good that I can now see their totals, I need to manually go in and update them when they acrue interest.

It would be good if we could add an interest rate and interest frequency when creating the account, so that it can automatically keep in step with the account. Obviously this doesn’t solve the problem of if you pay into one of these accounts, but it’s a start.

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This is actually a cute idea.

I am wondering how frequent people move money in and out. I would find it useful if it was a fixed deposit for x years.

So as a working example that would be useful to me right now:

I have a Marcus account, for a 1year fixed saver, it’s got a better interest rate than most ISAs for the same period (assuming you fall under the tax-free limit for interest). I don’t often pay into that, but I do acrue interest every month at a reasonable rate (assume >£50pm). It would be helpful to me for that to be kept in sync because in Emma I could set the interest rate than the frequency, as at the end of a financial year that amount of interest makes a difference.

I agree that it would be hard if you are transferring in and out (maybe you can tag an outgoing transaction from one of your synched accounts and categorise it to your manual account?). Just a thought.