Splitting bills and Budget

Hi, I search for this issue but didn’t find any solution.

I pay 66% of the rent, which is my share of the total. Unfortunately, I can’t split it in any other proportion apart from 50%. Additionally, even after splitting the rent in half, it still exceeds my budget for this expense.

Thank you

I pay 100% of the rent, but I share it 50/50, so my budget is always off for half of the budgeting period. When I get paid, I move the income transaction in the housing category and it’s all solved since the app manages the offsetting really well. If you pay £1,000 and get paid back £500, your spend is £500.

Does it make sense?

Understood, but how can I split in another proportion? The app only allows me to split by 50%.

The splitting is done evenly if you use the splitting functionality.

You can also not use splitting and just get paid what you need by requesting the cash and move it to the right category. If you want to use payments in Emma, you can even request the cash via Emma Pay if the other person has Emma. I do this for rent. :slight_smile: