Option to set income without payday

So I’ll preface this with: I’m paid in cash
Yes, I have payslips if I beg for them, I’m on books :joy: don’t send mr hmrc after me

It would be nice if I could just set my monthly income without having Emma try to identify a payday and work out when my money is coming in - it gets paid in when I want it to be paid in. Sometimes I’m too tired to do it on the normal day, so it’s a day later, sometimes I wait a full month before paying it in because it helps me save etc

Regardless I’d like this change if possible, perhaps you could allow users to skip that part instead (and just assume a monthly budget without a payday)


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The payday feature doesn’t work well with irregular/variable pay dates or amounts, it’s more suited to set salary incomes

For self-employed individuals or people with irregular pay dates, we usually recommend not setting this up, and instead set up a Total Budget from the Analytics->Budgets screen

You can set your Total Budget amount as the sum of your income (or lower if you want to save some!) and that will have the same effect in the app as setting up paydays

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Ah thanks for clarifying this!

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