I’ve accidentally added my accounts in twice

I was trying to see why Santander didn’t list my ISA when I added my bank accounts, so I did it again. Now my accounts and credit cards are in twice and I’m not sure how to delete the duplicates

What do you see if you tap More, then the gearwheel at top right, then “Bank Logins”? Are there two separate entries for Santander?

Unfortunately, open banking doesn’t support ISAs, unless your bank decides to provide access…

There’s 3 entries, two with all my accounts in and one that just says Santander. Not sure what happens if I delete that one too

Not sure either! If it’s not got any accounts listed, it’s probably safe to delete. How long have you been connected? If you’re worried about losing notes, tags etc, I’d contact support

I’d just keep 1 entry or delete them all and add them again. :slight_smile: