Account closure - Are you sure

One of my accounts showed as closed this morning.
I know I didn’t do it manually, but assuming it was done in app by clumsy fingers would it be best to confirm this action?

“Closing” the account has completely messed up my subscriptions and committed spending.

Unclosing doesn’t appear to have fixed it, I don’t appear to be able to recreate them either, so an action that has this large an impact should be confirmed before actioning?

What bank is it?

Santander. Only the current account though, the credit card was unaffected.

I thought it might be open banking migration, but doesn’t sound like it.

I’d contact support

My Santander is syncing fine. I don’t remember being asked to switch over to open banking so I assume I’m still using credential sharing.

So after a few syncs the transactions from the weekend to today started coming through and it appears to have sorted itself out.

Did report to support but not heard anything.

Hi @Hotlush, Santander is a bit buggy and stops returning accounts from time to time.

It should be fixed with a sync. :slight_smile: