I tried the quiz again

I’m loving using the Emma app! Thought I’d try the quiz today and hope to improve my score on previous tries. 4/5 was my score BUT only because the question about pensions did not have a correct answer (they’re currently on a gradual age increase for women and everyone is different!). Lol better luck next week!

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The dodgy answers and lag on my phone got too frustrating fast, but maybe I’ll try again…

I haven’t done it in so long, I can’t remember when it was that I last tried.

@snowmouse @Gaoler
We’re sorry that in this quiz you were frustrated by the last question. :slightly_frowning_face:
Thanks for your feedback. We will keep it in mind for next time.
We’ve done a lot of new quizzes for the next few weeks — I’m sure you’ll like them. Good luck. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

@jase You can try them again. It’s fun and doesn’t take a lot of time. We’ve done a lot of new quizzes. :tada: