How to force the correct name?

I love the renaming feature but if you have machine learning running to match merchants and assign names, can you override it?

Every month I am charged in 2 payments by Soho66 but you always categorise this as Soho House. The logo has set after I reset it twice before, I don’t need to do that anymore.

How does the manual renaming of a merchant by a user, feed your algorithm to use that name in future?

I pay Soho House on an account you can’t currently connect to so if I change which account that debits from, it will be fun times :wink:

Hey @jase :wave:

I can potentially override it. If you reach out via chat with screenshots of how it appears on your Emma, I can look into the merchant database

In answer to your question, manual name changes do not make changes to the merchant database currently as they require manual approval