How much did I have left?

When is it out? It’s so important to me, as I manage my kid’s pocket money with the rolling-over method so they can accumulate and then spend etc…
so I need to be able to look up the current accumulated budget for each set category.

(A feature I know from YNAB, but it’s an American provider I can’t stand the manual bank statement imports. That’s when I was searching for an alternative and found your app)

We have built it on our side - we need to test it and choose a release date. I hope we can do next month at some point. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Weirdly happy.
Whish you all a great time at work.

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I think this could be accommodated simply by allowing us to specify a custom day on which the month starts, as Edoardo suggested. In your case, if you could change the default “Month starts on 1st of Month” to “Month starts on 20th of Prior Month” then your August transactions would include everything spent between 20th July and 19 August.

However, as long as the month has a pay day in it, the only reason you’d do that is because you want to know the state of your account just before you get paid. So an alternative way to view the problem is to set a monthly predicted balance date: “Display my predicted balance for the nth of each month” - in your case the 19th. Prominently displaying that number and warning you when it goes below a threshold would probably do what you need without messing with the calendar.