How much spare money have I got?

On paper, I deduct all my regular deductions at the start of the month, so I know how much spare cash I’ve got for the month. Is there a way of doing this on Emma?

Have you got investments or pensions on yours ?

No, just one salary coming in

Sorry about the delayed reply so you’ve got a current account, credit card I assume ? Have you got active subscriptions showing or committed payment should I say ? Emma pro user ?

Based on this I’ve got a recommendation that may help :partying_face: sorry if it sounds nosy :joy:

Right if you’re a pro user , create a custom category like committed spending , go back a month and put all your bills and subs into this, let’s say you had £1000 and £400 was bills you’re left with £600 so if you wanted to save £100 a month set your budget as £500 :partying_face: but to put it blunt you’re disposable income would be £600 does that make sense or make it easier ? If not deepest apologies :v:

Sorry, not pro user. Can you do anything on the free one?

Off course you can your bills should automatically get categorise as bills, if not go back a month and change what should be a committed bill by going on the transaction and if it says something like (general ) in a bubbly tab, tap on it and change it to bills, then it will rearrange the previous months , then let’s say if you scrolled back to July and June and your bills turned out to be £300-£400 on average take it of your income then you should have an average of disposable income, does that make sense can help further if you wish :v: Examples/tutorials etc. :blush: I’d set the average disposable income as a budget so you get a constant reminder :ok_hand:

Hey @PeterFoyle and welcome to the community

We don’t yet have a feature that just tells you your bank balance minus all committed spends, but there’s something very close to that which you can do.

See this card

This card tells you how much you’ve got left to spend from your total monthly budget, taking into account any regular upcoming deductions you’ll have during the month and also how much you’ve already spent.

Now if you don’t want to use a fixed monthly budget but you would rather want to know how much you can spend to avoid your balance going to 0 (and accidentally spending your bills money), this is what you should do: right after you get your paycheck, look up your balance in that moment and edit your monthly budget to make it equal to that balance (you can do it by clicking on the pencil icon)

This is all provided in the free plan

Hope this helps