How do you find the categorisation?

We have never had a single complaint about this, but again we know that we don’t categorise all the transactions; so it would be interesting to know what the perceived value of this feature is and if you think it’s good enough or needs a lot of work.

We also get reviews like this one. :point_down:


I guess it’s basic. Imagine I’m a new user: if I have to run past hundreds of transactions manually I’ll remove the app. But if I see that everything is smooth…

For instance: I dropped Yolt lately. Too much work.

We do have a problem in categorising small shops and unknown things. The challenger banks are able to do this because they have access to the merchant codes that mastercard gives them. :sob:

Then trust the users. :muscle:t2:
Also, often my merchants don’t have a twitter account but only FB or IG.

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You can still submit those, we review them anyway. :wink:

@caprotti how does categorisation compare against Yolt?

Dunno. Surely the animations are slower on Yolt. Thus correcting several takes more time. :joy:

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Some more categories would be good. Overall the categorisation is pretty good to be fair.


We are around 75% of transactions categorised, just counting purchases. It used to be 84% but we had to make a change due to costs mainly, so the percentage went down by about 10%.

Personally I’d prefer it if the categorisation mirrored Splitwise’s categories:

  • Entertainment
  • Food & Drink
  • Home
  • Life
  • Transportation
  • Uncategorized
  • Utilities

But they also have a large number of sub-categories under those so it might get a bit complicated given that you’re trying to do it in an automated way. Failing that…

I’d appreciate a category for alcohol. Listing it under ‘Entertainment’ seems a bit odd to me and (sadly) it’s a category of spending that would be worth tracking separately for me!

I created a sub-category called “Pub”

What’s Life for?

Is that a philosophical question ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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ahah, like as a spending category. It sounds like a “General” category.

Very “General” :grinning:

I am more a fan of the high level stuff. Total income - committed spending - spending = money I have saved / overspent. :grin:

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Overall it’s pretty good.

I’ve noticed it breaks when renaming transactions:
Sometimes, I pay my flatmate for a bill and rename the transaction to match the bill’s name. If I categorise that transactions as Bills then all the transactions made to my friend are now marked as Bills

Would it be possible to respect the renaming?

It’s mostly due to the fact the app learns from the edit and there isn’t a specific setting to say “don’t learn this”.