Historic categorisations lost

I reported this a month ago via live chat but haven’t had anything back on it other than acknowledgements. I’m still chasing but thought I’d ask the wider community if anyone else has experienced this.

Just over a month ago I renewed the connection to one of my accounts and on returning to Emma began to notice that lots of recent transactions I thought I’d already categorised had moved back to General. I’m pretty good at keeping everything categorised, using a range of custom categories and some default ones. It’s rare that I leave any transaction in general for more than a week, never more than a month.

So when I noticed that historically I had hundreds of transactions in general I knew something was wrong. To add to this, ongoing automatic categorisation also seems broken, eg transactions from obvious brands like Tesco and Uber don’t show the logo and get categorised as general.

I could understand the auto features having a wobble for some reason (eg a bug that gets released, spotted and fixed) but the fact that lots of old data can get changed is concerning for an application that’s meant to manage finances - it’s got me checking my actual balances more often via the banks themselves, in case Emma has lost other data too.

Has anyone else encountered this, and how has your experience of getting it resolved gone?

This should be fixed today - try to force a sync. :slight_smile:

It’s not a widespread issue and was only happening on pro users with split transactions in the past who have renewed access to their account.

Hi Edoardo

Thanks for responding; I’ve had a reply this morning from support suggesting the same. I had been fairly sure the account renewal was likely an issue but didn’t consider split transactions - I guess there has to be some interesting internal data structure going on to ensure that a split transaction doesn’t result in duplicate transactions being added on sync, as the split won’t match any inbound new transactions.

Out of interest, what caused the fact that old data changed - is it a case that on sync the system brings in new data, then tries to match it up? And in this case the matching failed so it hid the older data? I notice that in the account now, most historic data appears to be back except for transactions in early December - was that a restoration from backup or something else?

Hi Mike,

we had an issue with our data storage in December. This has impacted several bits of our internal logic. When you import the data again, we re-create / update all the editing history so you don’t lose anything even if the bank has changed the transaction ids.

In this case, we were trying to update a field with a number that could not fit in the storage.