Hide bill saving prompts

Hi, whilst I appreciate the value to both yourselves and users of the ‘Save on Energy’, ‘Save on Mobile’, ‘Save on Broadband’ etc., if I’ve literally just switched and got the cheapest deal it would be nice to be able to snooze these prompts from appearing in my timeline for common periods, i.e. six months, a year, or forever.


Agreed. I could find a cheaper deal but for less than 1/5th the broadband speed, so I’d like to snooze these for a year.

A reminder once a year is good or even every 10 months. Likewise on mobile.

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I guess it’ll never happen as I imagine this is how Emma makes money for itself.

At the moment, there should be a prompt that shows up every few months in the feed for certain people we think might need a switch.

It’s very unlikely we are going to have an option to switch off elements in the app. :confused:

With this said, we are changing direction with Emma and don’t think switches add a lot of value, so we might wipe them completely in the next few months.