Save Money On Energy Bills

Morning all :sunglasses:

Following on from the topic below, we’ve written a blog post that shows you how to switch energy suppliers using Emma.

We’ve made the switching process super easy - getting a quote only takes a few mins!

You can read the blog post here -

We’d love to hear how much money you could be saving by switching - so let us know! :raised_hands:

I did an energy supplier comparison in Emma recently. I decided not to use Emma to switch but I keep getting reminders from Emma every few days about the energy switch offers. This is quite irritating.

Is there a way to tell the app I’m no longer interested in switching so it doesn’t keep sending me reminders?

Hey @o99 :wave:

Is this in the Feed tab?

Not sure there is a way at the moment, but I can speak to the team and see if they can add something :blush:

Im not sure if it appears in the feed. I get alerts on my phone and also emails