Our Journey So Far 🐻

This week we’ve been reflecting on just how far we’ve come since our launch in 2018!

We started off as a simple budgeting app, and now we’re helping thousands of people with all areas of their finances from saving to investing, crypto and loans.

Click through to read all about our journey so far :point_right: https://bit.ly/2SzlLvG

Do you remember when you first downloaded Emma? :bear:


Do. I am grateful to how much it has helped me.
I did not know or have control over the smaller spends. Just knowing that helps me control quite a lot.


Ah we love to hear it :raised_hands:

And, yeah this has hugely helped me too. It’s all the little amounts added together that can end up costing you the most - dangerous if you’re not keeping track of everything!

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I remember the first day I turned up at Emma for my interview in August 2019 :joy: little old me didn’t know what crazy but awesome journey I’d be embarking on


I remember downloading Emma after being invited to the app back when there was a waitlist pre-launch.

I’ve been using it ever since to track my money, and it’s been invaluable.

Also, I’m very pleased to have got 5/5 on the Emma Quiz this week (so my Emma knowledge is top of the class)!


I signed up for the waitlist back in Dec 2017 when I saw it mentioned on Monzo’s community. But didn’t start using it until May/June 2018. Here are my first impressions of Emma in Monzo community:

Have used Emma ever since!

This gets me wondering what user/sign-up number I am. Monzo and Freetrade both show me my user number in the app. Perhaps Emma could do the same?


I remember trying it on a friend’s recommendation after I started to experiment with the challenger banks and was looking for a way to track all my balances.

I’d previously bounced off stuff like YNAB because as a UK bank user the data entry system was painful, exponentially so with more accounts. The fact that Emma tracked all this and predicted my monthly bills without any effort from me was an absolutely killer feature.

It’s been my number one tool to help me get myself out of a few silly credit card debts and I credit it (alongside a couple of spreadsheets) with helping me save myself and my partner nearly £400 a month in interest payments.

Just simply a) knowing what I have left each month after regular bills and b) being able to build a basic budget based on past expenditures made it so effortless to sort everything out.

I think money matters in particular, especially if you’re struggling, can be so much more mental effort to sort out than the raw numbers otherwise suggest. Being able to measure current status and progress without too much effort (that might otherwise break flimsy willpower) is why I love it so much.

Now if you could just make the equivalent as a weight loss app that would be great :joy:



I’ve never noticed this in Monzo/ Freetrade before, but it is quite a nice addition - I’ll pass the idea onto the team!

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Wow this is an incredible saving! Nice work!

And yeah you’ve totally nailed on the head what we’re trying to achieve here - making money management as effortless as possible, so you actually want to spend the time focussing on improving your financial situation!

Yes! There is definitely a market for this right now after a year of lockdown :joy:

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Seconded!! :crazy_face:


Send me your email address and I can tell you :wink:

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