Overdraft alert

I received an overdraft alert this morning for my current account. It is not valid because two of my regular income payments will have been paid into that account before I go into overdraft. I feel that Emma doesn’t handle regular income payments as well as it could. I feel it should be possible to set up a regular income in the same way as you can set up regular payments. Anyone think the same?


Would it be possible for you to contact our support chat? Our team can take a look into your account to specify the reason. I’ve already informed the team. Thank you!

I have a somewhat related issue. I bank with Monzo and pay my DDs from a separate Bills pot. I also move most of the balance of my current account into a savings pot to maximise interest. This results in an overdraft alert before any DD payment that is greater than the balance in my current account, even though there is plenty in the Bills pot to cover it.

Furthermore, I have disabled overdraft alerts in the Emma settings but this hasn’t made any difference - I still get the alerts.

I think this whole area of account balances and overdrafts needs looking at and improving.

can you message live chat about this?

I think Emma still needs to notify you. What most of people do is they forget to transfer the amount in the main account and go in overdraft as a result.

I don’t understand - if the amount is in the Bills pot then it will be paid from the Bills pot. If the amount is in the main account (and there’s not enough in the Bills pot) then the balance will be taken from the main account.

I misunderstood this!

I think this is a Monzo specific use case? The app should detect from what payment the bills are coming out, but Monzo is probably returning us the same current account?

As in, they are paid from the pots, but the app thinks it’'s the main account?

Yes, it’s Monzo-specific, but the app seems to be assuming that it will be paid from the main account, probably because that’s where it actually is paid from. With Monzo, the direct debit amount is automatically transferred from the pot to the main account and then paid from there. Open Banking then shows two transactions - transfer from the pot to the main account and then the actual direct debit being taken from the main account.

I think this is the case.