Fraud Prevention System

Hi there, I upgraded to Pro and wanted to make use of the dark web fraud scanning system, I had this with clear score and my password manager, but when I use a compromised email address that I know is on the dark web, I haven’t been warned to take action by Emma app?

What’s the scan period? Once a day? Once a week? Thanks.

Hey @Recon0xe,

thanks a lot for reaching out!

We scan daily both email and phone numbers. :slight_smile:

You should be able to see the list of all our detections in Settings → Fraud Detection

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Do you send a notification when something new is detected?

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I have received nothing, I have also used another compromised email address and still nothing where by clear score app and my password manager both show all the leaks.

The leaks should appear in the list, just like in here:

We are adding them this week.

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Thanks, I tried your email and it worked as intended. Emma must be using a different data sheet or something. Bit of a shame, hopefully it gets better.

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Yes, we are looking to add more and more data sources. :slight_smile: