Fraud Prevention In Emma

Morning all :wave:

We’re working on a new feature that’ll help you identify if your phone and email address has been breached/ stolen and what data was involved

We think it’s going to be pretty cool as it’ll help our users know if they need to manage their passwords or change their email address, and is just one more way we can help people become more financially secure :rocket:

What do you think? Is this a feature you could see yourself using?

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The email feature won’t be useful for me as I use different email addresses for every service / company / app.

The mobile number potentially, as long as it shows you where the leaked data came from.

You will be able to add them all. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course!

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Ha! No chance. Unless you will offer CSV import of them, there are probably over 600 or so and that’s not practical manually.

Also, who had access to this data and will you update the privacy policy to say who you are passing this to? Assuming you are using a third party to do this.

Does this include Dark Web monitoring for the sale of data?

OMG, ahaha.

Yes, of course.

Yes, that’s what we are introducing as well. :wink:

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This is more exciting for me than savings accounts personally. Leak of data can wipe out people’s finances very quickly.

Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting.

But how would it be achieved?

We are using third party providers that scan the dark web for us.

It’s just the matter of leaving your details and then we check once a day if everything is okay.

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A la Haveibeenpawned?

Don’t mean to be rude but what’s that got to do with money management? I think you’re really stretching it here.

At least if you wanted to do something useful you could expand bills tracking a la Onedox which used to be great - and you already have a good part of the data.

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We think it’s cool and handy.

It doesn’t have to be related to money management if a lot of people think the same. We’ll have to test this. :pray:

I would rather the app focused on money management only, too. There’s still a lot to do on that front, imho.

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Don’t worry, we’ll work on money management features too. :slight_smile:

Fair enough, but in this case to cover all bases you can also include:

  • Flashlight
  • Password manager
  • Dog whistle
  • Virus scanner
  • Fart generator
  • Secret notes

(but only in the paid subscription :moneybag:)

My 2p :innocent:

What was it you liked about Onedox? I’ve not heard of them before!

also lol :laughing:

It will be. :slight_smile:

Do a bit of google-fu, there’s still decent information around e.g. here.

Basically a digital household admin, taking care of all bills (documents, renewals, offers etc). It was a very well executed service connecting to a surprisingly large number of providers (much like lots of players in your space). They just weren’t able to monetise, apparently (much like lots of players in your space).

There’s no open banking equivalent for utility companies and subscription services so Onedox and similar services probably spent lot of time faffing about with maintaining the connections and the accuracy of their data scraping in the face of variable interfaces. I certainly encountered a couple of persistently broken connections when I tried them.