Flexibilty - What do you use Emma for?

I have been using Emma for about 14 months now and in principle I get what I need from it.

95% of the time I am completely on board with the approach that is taken to listening to customers and its very refreshing.

There have been a couple of “stubborn” points when I feel the Emma team are a bit blinkered to the bigger picture.

Assumption on my part I guess, but I reckon there are a lot of different user bases that use the app for different things.

  1. Budgeting and saving money
  2. Reports and analytics so see where they are spending etc
  3. Simple aggregator

I think for the most part I fall into category 3. I am a serial bank account holder and do this to maximise interest rates etc.

For me logging into Emma is mostly a quick view of all of my banks and cards in one go.

With this in mind I strongly believe in refining and fine tuning the current setup. As a hands on user there is lots of things that could be tightened.

Perhaps a user day would be an idea?

I guess the main part of what I am saying stems form a chat over twitter today and a topic I have mentioned quite a lot. Flexibilty to reach as many customers as possible and satisfy as many people as possible.

Making the app more dynamic can only be a good thing - at the moment there is literally one toggle in the settings screen.

There are quite a few “features” of Emma that are unnecessary for certain users and the facility to turn them off makes complete sense to me.

In the settings menu I reckon the following should be optional features (and no, these are not all geared to what I want)

  1. Learning - not everyone shops in a certain patter - machine learning on tags and categories does not work for everything and often skews reporting and analytics.
  2. Reports - turn off elements, or completely
  3. Auto sync - on/off
  4. Auto tags - personally If I want to tag transactions I will - the option to have them blank until I add a tag makes sense. Auto categories I understand but tags are much more personal.

I cannot actually think of much else that could be on/off - other ideas welcome.

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In terms of the last list.

My thought is that Reports are core and will become even more, so I would exclude the toggle.

I don’t understand why you would turn the syncing off?

The learning is not ML or complex, we just take the past 3 edits and keep following that. :stuck_out_tongue: