Emma Feature Question ❓

Hey folks

Just out of interest…can you name one feature in Emma that you

A) Use everyday
B) Have never used


I always look through the list of transactions everyday and haven’t used the scramble feature at all so far

Category totals on analytics I use a lot.

Bank fees, never use - probably as the 2 banks that charge me fees aren’t integrated.

Yeah, same! Takes two seconds to check daily - I’d probably forget what some of the transactions were if I didn’t do it daily :see_no_evil:

Ok, that makes sense!

What do you think of the scramble feature @jase?

It’s ok. I used it once but didn’t feel the need to hide everything as I don’t keep my salary or savings in accounts that show :wink:

When I first saw it a very very long time ago, it was good to have it included, but I think I used it to screenshot it once and that was it.

I use the budget feature everyday and hardly use the feed.

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Interesting that you don’t use the Feed!

Do you do the weekly quizzes/ look at the spending reports?

I use recent transactions multiple times per day. I almost never check my account balances :woman_shrugging: Emma will tell me if the balance is off


I use the Transaction Feed daily to check a) that transactions are correct and b) see how they’ve appeared. The latter because some merchant names are not so obvious and if I wait a few days then I may forget and not recognise them.

I don’t use Investments - I hate tracking my finances manually when my provider already does it (admittedly, sometimes badly), it’s just too much effort.

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I mostly check the 3 numbers at the top. :slight_smile:

2. accounts to see how my credit card balance
3. analytics, to see if I’m targeting budget

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