Category feature

I’m a new user to Emma and as a start I was marking all purchases for the prev month with different categories. And for now I can do it only with selecting each purchase and marking it with category inside. But imagine that I had a vacation and all 20+purchases can be marked as holiday category. So maybe it’s better UX to

  1. Select category and mark all purchases to link it
  2. Be able to say that for this day all categories goes into one category

Hey @Lev,

if you tap see all transactions, there is an editing button top right corner (this is a premium feature) that allows bulk edits. :slight_smile:

It would be great for this to be present elsewhere - when searching for example. Basically every single transaction list view.

Can you please share screenshot with this? I have premium and can’t find this button

There you go

Thanks!For me It makes sense to add the same button to analytics window, because most of the time you change categories there

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Agreed - often I am looking through analytics at categories and then changing from there. Being able to bulk edit from every view where there is transactions would be really helpful.